Vivid at Taronga Zoo

Last Thursday, Mr 6, my mum, sister and I went to Vivid at Taronga Zoo. This was the first year that the zoo has done Vivid so we thought we'd check it out, and hopefully experience the magic of Vivid in a less crowded setting than the city. We pre-booked tickets and were able to get ones that included a round trip on the Sky Safari. They had limited tickets for the Sky Safari, but I think because we were going in the week we got some easily. During Vivid, the zoo is open as normal in the daytime, closes at 4.30pm, and re-opens for Vivid at 5.30pm. If you are in the zoo prior to Vivid opening, you need to go back to the top entrance and wait up there until it reopens for Vivid. We went in a bit later though, and didn't arrive until 6.30pm. We parked in the zoo carpark which was $7 for parking during Vivid hours. Mr 6 was so excited and ran ahead of us to the entrance! When we arrived we saw there was a light projection story on the front on the entrance. We stopped here and took time to watch the whole story (it went for about 6 minutes). This is definitely worth doing if you visit as it has a great message about conservation of animals as well as amazing light projections. I think this was actually my favourite part of the whole night (we even stopped on the way out and sat down to watch it again)!

Once we'd watched the light projections we went into the zoo itself. We saw some of the Vivid animals as soon as we walked in- monkeys in trees and a giant bilby. We had to queue up to get our tickets scanned but the line moved quickly. We had a choice of going on the sky safari then or coming back later once we'd done the lights through the zoo. We decided to do the lights first and then the Sky Safari- a tip a friend gave me was to do the Sky Safari after 6pm as this is when the Vivid lights in the city are turned on and you can see them in the distance. We were there after 6pm anyway so this didn't really matter for us but worth knowing if you go in earlier.

Walking through the zoo, we followed the path of the lights and they were so amazing we forgot there were real animals around! The only actual animals we did see were the giraffes poking their head out of their shelter. I think most of the animals would have probably been in the areas where it was warm (and out of view) as it was a pretty cold night. 

The food court was open and although we'd eaten dinner before we came, we did stop for a hot drink. It was busy while we were there but not too crowded, again this was probably because we went during the week.

Crocodile at Taronga Zoo during Vivid

I took all these images with my Nikon DSLR, using a tripod. Halfway through I decided to stop using my DSLR and just do quick snaps on my iPhone (I posted some of those on Instagram), mainly because setting up with the tripod at each light took time and Mr 6 wanted to move faster than I was allowing! I also sometimes find I'm not as "in the moment" when I'm taking photos so putting my DSLR away meant I was able to enjoy it more with my boy.