The Australian Reptile Park


A couple of weekends ago we went to the Australian Reptile Park. Mr 6 has been asking to go for awhile and we had originally planned to go with my mum during the school holidays, but it rained the day we were due to go so we postponed it and decided to do it on a weekend so hubby could come. We've been a few times before but not for a couple of years, I think, so Mr 3 didn't remember it. 

It was a foggy and slightly rainy start to the day, but cleared up in the late morning. When we arrived we went and looked at the alligator lake first, before heading down to the show pit to see the Reptile Show.

I was meant to be taking photos of the alligators in the lake but got distracted by the water droplets on the plants! You can see the misty morning in the background

Alligator up near the fence

It was pretty crowded for the Reptile show but we managed to get a spot for the boys on the wall, thanks to some lovely people who made room. We didn't realise until it started, though, that we were positioned right underneath the speaker and it was loud!! I stayed with the boys for a bit and watched them demonstrate how they milk a snake for venom (which is then sent to Melbourne to make anti-venom) and also saw a baby crocodile.

Hubby then stayed with the boys to watch more of the show while I walked baby Beau around, as it was a bit loud for him underneath the speaker. We went and saw the Tasmanian Devils, the giant tortoise and then headed down to the dingoes and wombat.

The Tasmanian Devil was out and running around

There were 2 dingo pups in the dingo enclosure and they looked to cute! The adult dingoes didn't seem too happy with the people looking at them though, and made sure they weren't too far away. They started to howl at one stage, and baby Beau cried when he heard them.

The wombat was out and right up against the fence of its enclosure. Some of the people were even patting it and it didn't seem to mind. I've never seen a wombat so alert and visible (usually they're hiding away).

Since most people were watching the reptile show the rest of the park wasn't too busy so I went and got hubby and the boys so we could look at the other animals (the loud speaker was a bit much for the kids anyway and they'd seen enough of the show at this stage). 

We did the nature walk and saw the koalas and then headed up to the picnic area for lunch and the kids to have a play at the park. There are big dinosaur statues up at the lunch area, which the boys really liked.

After lunch we checked out the reptiles and spiders and watched Elvis the crocodile get fed.

Entrance to the reptile exhibits

Entrance to the reptile exhibits

There's also kangaroos wandering around and Mr 3 was able to pat one!

Mr 3 patting the kangaroo

Mr 3 patting the kangaroo

We had such a great day! It's the perfect location to see lots of Australian animals up close, so if you're ever in Sydney, make sure you go!