7 months old

Baby Beau is now 7 months old! Well he was a couple of weeks ago but I'm just getting around to writing this post now. It's been school holidays so we've been pretty busy around here! 

At 7 months old, Beau is still a happy boy. He is slowly taking to eating food and his absolute favourite is mashed banana and avocado. He'll eat a whole banana and half an avocado for lunch! For dinner he usually has some finger food as well as a bit of blended up food. He's yet to really take to eating breakfast but has tried weetbix and porridge. This kind of works quite well at the moment as mornings are hectic and we're usually in such a rush to get out of the house. So not having to feed him yet is easier! Although I'm sure that won't last for long...

He's mostly sitting up by himself now, but we still need to put something behind him as he does occasionally fall backwards. He has rolled across the room but doesn't do this often, thank goodness!! I'm still trying to teach his 2 older brothers not to leave Lego around on the floor so we're in no rush for him to move too soon! 

He went through a phase this month of waking up in the night screaming. Nothing seemed to comfort him but he seems a bit better now. Still waking up, but settled with a feed. He's still using his Love To Dream swaddles when going to sleep. I did try a couple of times to stop these, or use the ones where he can transition with 1 arm out but so far he seems to prefer to be in them. 

Beau is babbling "dadda" all the time, loves chewing on anything, and grabs at everything and anyone (he's got quite a strong, painful grip!). He loves his brothers entertaining him, our dog Maddie, raspberries blown on his tummy, cuddles, kisses and has recently started to enjoy the swing at the park. 

He is usually only unhappy when he's tired and can't get to sleep easily (when we are out).