Patonga Beach

Patonga beach

Mr 6 exploring the jetty

Walking along the jetty, pelican on the lamppost  

Fishing boat

Mr 3 at the end of the jetty

View from lookout over Brisbane Waters

A few weekends ago we decided to venture away from our usual beach destination (Clontarf) and head up the coast to Patonga Beach. The kids hadn't been there before and I can't remember the last time I went, so it was good to go somewhere new (although the drive was slightly longer than to Clontarf so the kids did keep ask when we'd be there!   

It was pretty quiet when we arrived (about 10ish) so we easily got a park on the beach. We set up in front of the swings and the kids enjoyed playing on the sand and swinging on the swings (which are right on the beach). We explored the jetty and saw lots of pelicans and some fish. There was smoke in the distance from back burning fires. Hubby took the older 2 boys for a walk down the beach and they found a playground.  

By lunchtime it was much busier as the Patonga Beach Hotel is directly across from the beach and attracted a lunch crowd. However, we chose to get takeaway chips from the other shop. 

On our way home we stopped at Staples lookout to see the view over Brisbane Waters. 

We loved going to a beach that was quieter and will definitely be exploring more central coast beaches this coming summer!