Healthy Living update

I meant to write this post a couple of weeks ago, but then life got in the way! So this is a combination of halfway through the 12 week Body Beyond Birth's Pilates and Nutrition program and also the couple of weeks since then.

I'm now on week 8 of the program and when I was halfway (week 6) I took a photo of myself to document any changes. A couple of people had said they'd noticed a difference (and I had a little bit), but the photo really showed me how far I have come.

Progress made from completing 6 weeks of Body Beyond Birth's Pilates and Nutrition program- left was when I started the program, right when I was 6 weeks into the program

The changes have been as a result of completing all the online pilates workouts from the program, following the nutrition guides and doing some cardio (walking). In being honest, I haven't done as much cardio as the program suggests, so the progress could probably be better but I'm happy with how I've gone so far. 

My sister-in-law has lent me her double pram which means I can go for walks when I have Mr 3 at home with me. Sometimes he uses his scooter but it's good to have the pram in case he gets tired along the way!

A borrowed double pram means there are no excuses for not going for a walk!

Over the Easter weekend we went for a holiday up to Port Stephens and I was determined to not let being on holidays mean reverting to eating unhealthy. Especially since it was Easter (and I hadn't eaten chocolate for 7 weeks!). So I packed healthy snacks and lunch for the car trip there and while we were away I made lunch to take to the beach most days as well as fruit and vegetable sticks to snack on. I did allow myself an ice-cream one day and a small Lindt chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday! However, considering the amount of chocolate I would have previously consumed, this was far healthier!

Lunch and snacks ready for the car trip to Port Stephens

I didn't have good internet access while we were away so wasn't able to access the online workouts from BBB. Instead I went for walks along the beach with the dog, tried stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking. 

Walking along the beach with our dog- she loves this place! Also, walking on dry sand is not easy!

We're home from holidays now so back to the online pilates workouts and being stricter again with what I eat. Hoping to continue to see progress as I complete the rest of the 12 week program :)