Christmas 2016

Another Christmas, come and gone! I feel like this December went super fast. Usually I'm a little tired of our Christmas decorations by the end of Christmas day and am keen to get them down, clean up the house and feel a bit clutter free again. But this year I didn't really feel that way. Although we have taken everything down now, as we go away soon so it will be nice to have the house tidy for when we return.

We had a wonderful Christmas and lead up to the day. It's so special with the boys and creating memories and traditions for them.

Decorating gingerbread houses and looking at Christmas lights with my sister:

I loved how our Christmas tree looked this year! The boys helped decorate it (putting the ornaments on the lower branches)...and redecorated it several times too! When I was taking it down I found so many random toys in it that Mr 4 had hidden.

On Christmas morning our eldest was up early and had to wait for Mr 4 to wake before they could open their stockings from Santa! Once we were all up and dressed we did presents under the tree from Santa. We left the rest of the presents until we had returned from our family catch up.

We went to my brother's house for breakfast on Christmas Day with all the family. In previous years we've all had lunch together so it was a bit different, but was really nice to start the day together (plus we didn't have the boys asking every 10 minutes when they would see their cousins!). 

After breakfast we went to a friend's house for a swim as it was quite a nice day. We then went back to our house for lunch with my mum, sister and friend. We had a traditional(ish!) lunch of roast turkey, roast veg and ham, followed by pavlova for dessert. SO yum! Beau loved the ham (as you can see in the picture below!)

Our Christmas card...that I never got around to sending!

And lastly.... our Elf came back for another year, much to the boys excitement! 

I hope you all had a wonderful, magical Christmas :)