Body Beyond Birth: an update

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After having my kids I think I'd resigned myself to the fact that I would always have a "mum" body and not fit back into any of my pre-baby clothes. I've recently finished my second round of Body Beyond Birth's online Pilates program and it has changed everything I thought! I'm now healthier than I've been in a long long time and I've realised that by eating healthy most of the time (I still have the odd treats- hello Max Brenner!!), I'm leading a much better example to my boys. I'll always have a "mum" body, but that's a celebration now of an amazing body that grew, carried and delivered my 3 precious children.

Exercising when you have kids!

For this round I did the Level 2 program and once again, got amazing results! In the first round I didn't weigh myself at all. We didn't have scales at home and my main goal back then was to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and to feel fitter and stronger. This round, I wanted to continue on my journey of feeling strong and healthy but also kept a bit more track on my weight loss (more for curiosity sake than anything!). We still didn't have scales (I've actually only just bought some a couple of weeks ago!) so I weighed myself when I was at either my mum's or sister's houses. So the result....this round I lost about 9kg!

Before I started BBB; end of round 1; end of round 2

Before I started BBB; end of round 1; end of round 2

I've had a lot of people ask me how I've lost this weight so I'll give you a quick summary of the program:

  • The BBB program is the only online Pilates and nutrition program developed by a physiotherapist
  • There are 4 programs to choose from - the pregnancy program, and 3 levels of the postnatal program. They provide a guide to help you decide which level to start on. Because I'd recently had a C-section when I began and I also had abdominal separation, I started on level 1
  • There is also a pregnancy program for all you mumma's to be (I haven't looked at this program and I think it's a bit different to the one I've done so send the lovely BBB ladies an email for more information on this)
  • You don't need to be pregnant or have had children to do the program! It's suitable for anyone!
  • Once you've signed up you get access to loads of nutrition information and guidelines that you can use to adjust what you're eating
  • It's not a diet or meal plan but there are some yummy (healthy!) recipes provided
  • It's a 12 week program and each week you get access to a new online Pilates workout. You also retain access to the previous workouts and you get 18 weeks full access when you sign-up for the postnatal program, and 26 weeks full access when you sign-up to the pregnancy program
  • You are provided with a schedule for your week which includes things like setting goals, reading nutrition articles, Pilates workouts, cardio, yoga and rest days!
  • Typically, you do the Pilates workouts 5 days a week
  • The workouts go for roughly 20 minutes

I think that covers all the questions I've been asked! If I haven't answered something you're wondering about just pop it in the comments below :)

If you're interested in trialling the program you can do a 7 day free trial. Or if you're ready to join up, use the code MUMS25 for 25% off!! (Discount code expires 31/8/2016).

Disclaimer: I was given access to the level 1 and level 2 programs free of charge from Body Beyond Birth. I was under no obligation to post about the program and all opinions are my own.