A "pink" 3rd birthday party

On Sunday we celebrated Miss D's 3rd birthday. When her mum had asked her what type of party she would like, she requested a "pink" one! The party was held at Yamble Reserve in Ryde, and we were super lucky with the weather- beautiful sunshine and a bit of a break in the freezing cold weather that we've been having. The park was awesome and there were so many things for the kids to do- flying fox, sand pit, climbing, scooting etc... 

The cake was made by Miss D's talented mum and captured Miss D and her love of all things pink and ballet just perfectly (it was super yummy too!). The handmade cookies (also by Miss D's mum) were so cute and my 3 year old loved the marshmallows covered in pink edible glitter.

Happy birthday Miss D! Thanks for a fun party and the chance to photograph some pink for a change ;)