6 months old


And here we are, halfway through baby Beau's first year! 6 months old and it's such a delightful age. He's rolling, but not moving too much yet. Almost sitting (can balance for a little bit), babbling away and easily entertained (his big brothers are great at this!). 

He's still waking through the night but it's not as bad as it was. Usually once or twice for a feed and then goes back to sleep. He was a bit sick this month with a cough and cold and we had a night or 2 where he woke a lot but he managed being sick pretty well and was still his usual happy self during the daytime. I took him to the doctors when he was unwell and he was weighed and measured and I thought I wrote down the details, but I've just looked and I don't think I did (oops!). He goes to sleep pretty easily when we put him down- still using the Love to Dream swaddle ups, dummy and his Kippins comforter. We are also still playing white noise in his room. I don't know if he needs this anymore but I figure it helps drown out the noise of his brothers yelling through the house!

We started giving him some formula once a day and he loves the ease of drinking from a bottle. I tried some puree food again and he still wasn't very interested. Wasn't gagging anymore but just turned his head and kept his mouth shut. So we started giving him some finger food to eat on his own and he loves this! In the past week he's tried a wide range of food including, banana, avocado, orange, strawberry, kiwifruit, roast pumpkin, roast potato, roast sweet potato, turkey patties, vegetable patties, yoghurt, sourdough, omelette, boiled rice, sausage, meatloaf....there's probably more too! Most of it goes on the floor but he does put it all in his mouth and chew on it first. He especially loves sourdough bread with avocado on it. Still no teeth but he sucks the food and his gums are pretty good at chewing things!

He still loves sleeping in the baby carrier when we are out and will sleep in the pram but not for very long. He loves his bath and splashes his legs and arms so much that water goes everywhere!

Maddie, our dog, wanted to join the photo session!

Some of his first tastes of food- strawberries and oranges. He loved these but I think the acid of the oranges is a little strong for his skin as he came up with a bit of a red rash around his mouth.

Briefly sitting! Just an iPhone picture as he's still not very stable so I can't really leave him to take a photo