5 months old

Beau at 5 months old. Created using the  Rhonna Designs app

Beau at 5 months old. Created using the Rhonna Designs app

A week ago on Friday, this little guy was 5 months old. Despite his serious face in the photo above, he's usually a chilled out baby and easily gives smiles to anyone who looks at him. He loves any kind of attention, even his brothers  shoving their faces right into his! We have to remind them to still be gentle with him (especially Mr 6) as they can be a bit too "loving". It's hard to tell them off though as Bub is usually laughing while they're doing something we think is not the safest (such as lying pretty much on top of him!). 

The last month has been rough during the night with Beau waking quite a bit. Initially we think it was due to him being uncomfortable as he had a flair up with his eczema. Once we treated that and it improved he didn't wake as much but he's still waking about twice a night for a feed.  

He had his 4 month immunisations and was weighed and measured. Weighing 6.45kg and measuring 64.5cm in length, he's dropped in the percentiles on the growth charts. The doctor and nurse aren't worried but want to see him again at the end of this month to check his growth again. I wrote this post about how we trialled some puree food with him and he doesn't seem ready, so we'll keep feeding frequently. He is happy and developmentally on track so he may just be more of a petite bub!

He laughs easily, babbles a lot and moves all the time! Rolling over when we lie him down, pushing up onto his hands and pulling his knees up underneath. Hopefully he gives us a little while before he starts crawling though, however he does push himself around a bit already! He's constantly munching on his little hands but we can't see or feel any teeth coming through yet.

He's not sleeping much when we're out and about, which is most days due to having to be places with the other boys. But he does like to go in the Manducca baby carrier and will fall asleep in there. Otherwise if we're at home and he's in his cot he goes to sleep fairly well.

5 months old

5 months old

Baby milestone card from Leni & Co

5 months old- munching on those hands

Beau is lying on a Modern Burlap muslin wrap, and wearing a Pure Baby jumper (bought 6 years ago when Mr 6 was a baby!) and Bonds leggings. Baby milestone card from Leni & Co