4 months old

4 months old!! Another month has gone by so quick. This month baby Beau started to roll over from his back to his tummy. And then at exactly 4 months old he did back to tummy and then tummy to back- he'll be rolling around the room before we know it!! 

At 4 months, Beau:

  • Likes: his brothers and daddy (they make him laugh); mummy (even though I'm the one writing this I think I get a lot of laughs and smiles from him so I don't think I'm being too bias!); his comforter (Kippins); Love to Dream swaddle, dummy and white noise to go to sleep, milk!
  • Dislikes: Being stuck on his tummy (he's tolerating this more though and doesn't get cranky as quickly); travelling in the car when he is overtired and can't get his dummy, being burped in the middle of a feed

He had a bit of a sleep regression the past couple of weeks, especially while we were away (but had started to wake again through the night just before we went away so I can't contribute it to that). So he's now waking usually once a night for a feed (think he's just wanting extra milk at the moment- growing boy!) and sometimes wakes another time as he rolls onto his tummy and gets stuck! 

He munches on his hands all the time now and still loves his dummy. He usually wakes up happy in the morning (I get lots of smiles and baby noises when he sees me). He started to sleep in his cot this last month so we can pack up his bassinet now and return to our friend who we borrowed it from. Generally goes to sleep pretty easy- Love to Dream swaddle, dummy and some white noise playing. 

He's more settled in the evening now and often has a short nap in the late afternoon which I think helps.  

He loves his bath time and kicks his legs like crazy, splashing everywhere! 

Loves his brothers so much and Mr 6 was making him giggle like crazy in the car yesterday.

During the last month he also went on his second holiday (back to Port Stephens)- lucky boy and while we were there had his first Easter. Apart from mummy dressing him in a bunny hat, he didn't really get the full extent of the Easter celebrations I think! 

At the beach while we were away on holidays

Tiny toes in the sand

I think this is his first monthly photos where his big brothers haven't joined in on the photo session (they were distracted by their iPads!).