2016 week 18 portraits

Bub: He had his 4 month immunisations last week and was weighed and measured. He's dropped percentiles for both and although the doctor said she wasn't too concerned she wants us to go back in a month to check him out. Both her and the nurse commented about starting solids "soon". To be honest, I was kind of waiting a bit until he could sit up better as I think more baby-led weaning style of introducing food will be easier for us. But given he's dropped percentiles in weight and he's also waking a lot more in the night, plus feeding more in the day, I figured maybe he was hungry and ready for some food. So I steamed and pureed some sweet potato and fed it to him. Well, he made it pretty clear he isn't ready! He wouldn't open his mouth to the spoon and the tiny bit I got inside, he gagged and coughed on. I tried the next day with pureed pear, just to see if that would be easier for him and he had the same response. Neither of my other boys did this when they started food, so it was a bit different to experience! So for now we'll just keep with the more frequent milk feeds and try him on food again in a little while.

Mr 3: At the park on Anzac day. Both big boys are very into riding their bikes at the moment and this little boy can go pretty fast!