Week 2- healthy living

Week 2 of Body Beyond Birth's (BBB) Pilates and Nutrition program, completed!

I think this week I fell into a bit of a slump with the eating healthy- I still managed to stay on track but was much more tempted by hubby's chocolate in the fridge (amazingly I didn't give in!!). We did go out for dinner on Saturday night and I decided to not stress too much about what I ordered but I did give hubby the top of my Turkish roll and 3/4 of my chips so I figured that was better than what I would have previously eaten!  A new recipe I tried this week were the pancakes with chocolate drizzle from the BBB recipes. As with anything healthy not everyone liked them (Mr 6 this time) but Mr 3 and I thought they were pretty yummy. 

Pancakes with chocolate drizzle (made from cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup)

Mr 3 enjoying healthier pancakes and chocolate drizzle

Lunch: mountain bread wrap with green salad, tomato, carrot, avocado, capsicum and turkey

Lunch: Green salad, capsicum, mushrooms, turkey and haloumi (no dressing) 

I'm trying to keep to just having 1 coffee a day so have been having herbal teas instead. This week I got the strawberries and cream one from T2- super yummy, especially when chilled.

Strawberries and Cream tea from T2

I completed all the Pilates workouts this week and went for a walk a couple of times. There is a yoga session in the schedule which I'm yet to do so my aim for week 3 is to do that at least once! I still don't really have much energy but am thinking that may be to do with the lack of sleep I'm getting (Bub has actually been pretty good, it just seems to be at least one child a night that wakes!).  

Bub in swing, ready for mummy to do a pilates session