2016 week 2 portraits

A portrait of each boy this week

It's school holidays here at the moment and it rained heavily for most of this week. Luckily Mr 3 was at daycare for 3 days so it was just Mr 6 that needed entertaining (movies, Maritime museum and Lego were utilised!). Finally on Friday we had some sunny weather so made the most of it and went to the park.  

Mr 6: Last year he learnt to ride his bike without training wheels but it's only been more recently that he's become more confident (and really loving it). He spent most of our time at the park riding his bike- racing his little brother (who was on foot!) and riding as fast as he could on the path that goes around the playing field. 

Mr 3: His energy level amazes me but here he was taking a quick break between running around and riding his scooter. Grubby face, messy hair and a cheeky smile sum him up well! 

Beau: He turned 1 month old this week! Photo taken when he was 4 weeks 5 days old. How quick that first month has gone. He's a pretty chilled out bub and likes to spend time in his swing (but does prefer being held- luckily Mr 6 is always happy to oblige with giving him a cuddle!). He slept most of the time we were at the park.