2016 week 1 portraits

I started taking weekly portraits of the boys last year however got to about week 15 when morning sickness hit pretty bad. I spent a lot of the following weeks in bed and didn't pick up my camera for quite awhile. Hence, the weekly portraits diminished for the rest of 2015.

This year I'm going to aim to take a photo a week of Beau, to capture his first year, and then take a photo of each of the other boys when I can. I won't aim to take those weekly as I think that might be too much pressure, but I'll post those that I do capture.

Beau's photo from week 1, when he was just under 4 weeks old. Some rare time lying on the floor having a kick around. With 2 older brothers and a dog in the house, I need to be on active "watching Beau" duty for him to lie on the floor! I love the sparkle in his eyes here.