One month old

Beau was 1 month old on the 6th January. Being our third Bub I knew that the first month and the "newborn" stage goes so quick, so I tried to soak every bit of his "newborness" in. Lots of cuddles and taking photos to capture all those special moments.


However it was such a busy time, being Christmas, that I felt it went extra fast this time round! 

He's become more alert (no longer do we have to get excited when his eyes are open!) and is growing quickly out of 0000 size clothes. Not sure on his actual growth as we haven't had a chance to weigh or measure him but he's feeding well and at his 6 week immunisations the doctor will check his growth properly. He's a pretty chilled out bub for now, loves his dummy and loves having cuddles, especially from his biggest brother.

His first month included his first Christmas, first trip to the beach and also first visit to Luna Park!