2016 week 3 portraits

Mr 6

Mr 3

Beau: 5 weeks 5 days old

Mr 6: Early morning playing on his brother's bottom bunk bed. 

Mr 3: He'd requested that I take photos of him riding his scooter...he was not so happy when his brother joined him. This is a typical face and posture he gives when he is cranky (tilting his head to one side and bringing his shoulder up). I did have some photos of him before and after this where he was happier but thought this one captured part of his personality at the moment so well!

Beau: Smiley boy with smiley (and sparkling) eyes! His eyes are blue at the moment but we're all unsure whether they will stay this way...time will tell. 5 weeks 5 days old here and a very hot day in Sydney. Luckily we spent most of it in air-conditioning so he didn't feel the effects of it too much.