2015: Week 6

" A photo of my child once a week, every week, in 2015"


It's been a strange week for us. With Mr 5 starting school, our daily routine as we've known for the past 5 years is changing. I know it will soon become the new normal, but for now it all feels a bit weird and unsettled.

Mr 5: Wearing his sports uniform, he asked me to take some pictures of him. I'm amazed by his confidence and how easily he has adjusted to being at big school. The 2nd or 3rd morning of school, we arrived before any of the other kindy kids he knew were there. He started to walk off into the playground by himself to play with the big kids (my less outgoing personality asked him if he wanted to wait until someone he knew arrived)!

Mr 2: Always on the go, his endless energy makes me tired just watching him! However, very recently he has started to sit (or lie) down with his big brother and watch a small amount of TV. Here he is fresh out of the bath, ready for bed and captivated by something on TV.


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