2015: Week 8

"A photo of my child once a week, every week, in 2015"

This week I finally feel like we're getting into some sort of routine with school. I have found though, that I have much less time to take photos of the boys (especially Mr 5). I like to try to capture our everyday moments but there's only so many photos I can take of them sitting at the table! Yesterday morning they decided to go outside and pick the cherry tomatoes off the vine...Mr 2 decided the green ones were just as good as the red ones though!

Mr 5: The first tomato he picked, he still looks pretty sleepy in the photo (I think they were probably out there at about 7am!).

Mr 2: Showing me the tomato he picked (which I wish I'd actually got in the shot)...a green one! He kept saying "pick the red ones", but would pick a combination of red and green.


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