Answering Project Life App book printing questions

Last week I wrote a guest blog post for Organising the Four of Us on creating a Project Life book using the Project Life App and printing through Blurb. I had a couple of questions from readers following this post so thought I'd summarise the answers here.  


Can you print the Project Life App layouts into a book without using Lightroom?

  • Yep, it can be done directly through the Blurb website: 
  • Upload your PL layouts onto your computer (make sure you save them as 12x12 size in the PL app)
  • Go to and login (or create a new account)
  • On the main page click the "Get started" box
  • Go down to the book-making tools section and click "Online Photo Books"
  • Then for the book size choose Large Square (12x12)
  • For style choose "Elegant" (classic white background)
  • Then upload PL photos from your computer and drag them onto the pages in the order you want
  • I'd recommend getting the hardcover, image wrap and Proline paper (either uncoated or pearl- the pearl is more of a flat page texture and the uncoated is more bumpy)

In the Project Life App, how do you get your photos to have square corners not round? 

Just tap the top right button to switch between round and square corners


How do you get pictures you've taken with your DSLR onto your phone or tablet? 

There's a few options for this (and probably more than what I've listed here): 

  • Via iTunes (this is the method I use): connect your apple device to your computer and open iTunes. Wait for device to sync and then select device in iTunes. Click Photo Tab and enable photo import. Select which folder (containing the photos you want) on your computer to import. Then click sync and they’ll appear in a folder in the “Photos” app
  • Use a lightning to SD card reader (works for iPad and iPad mini)- allows you to connect your DSLR SD card directly to your device. You can then edit pics in any app and upload into the PL app
  • Use Drop Box- create a Drop Box account on your computer and then you drag your photos into the account. You can then install the Drop Box app on your phone and access the photos that way. The PL app will actually come up with Drop Box as a folder option when you click to insert a photo. I have tried this out though and found it quite slow (perhaps because my files are so large)
  • Some DSLR cameras have a WIFI function so you can transfer the images directly to your smart device over wireless connection 

If you have any more questions just write them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them