5 years of friendship

5 years ago when my youngest was born my mum convinced me to go to the local mother's group run by the Early Childhood Centre. I nervously went to that first meeting unsure what to expect and met a group of other (mostly) first time mums. Little did I know that 5 years later some of them would be my closest friends!

Once the "official" mother's group finished a smaller group of us continued to meet up regularly and when we returned to work we managed to find a mutual day of Thursday in which we were still able to meet up. Thus became our "Thursday play dates". For almost the past 5 years we have met up every Thursday for the kids to have a play and us mummy's to have a sanity break! Along the way, the 4 big kids were joined by siblings, however our weekly play date continued (albeit slightly more chaotic and definitely louder!).  

Last Thursday our big kids had their last Thursday play date....with them all starting school in the next week. We had a play at the park and a cake to celebrate and I took some photos to capture (what for us mums) was the end of an era. I think we were more nostalgic than the kids though...when I told my 5yr old that he won't be seeing his friends on a Thursday every week anymore he replied, "that's ok, we can see them on a Saturday"!

And thank goodness for those siblings as it means us mummy's can keep our Thursday play dates for a while yet!  I'm also sure we'll be making the most of school holidays for the big kids to have some more Thursday play dates!

Some of the next generation of Thursday play dates! 

Some of the next generation of Thursday play dates!