10 months old

So this post is only a month overdue- oops!! I did take the photos back when baby Beau turned 10 months though. But life is busy (as always) and I haven't had a chance to sit down and write this until now. It is crazy how quick this year has gone! 


At 10 months old baby Beau is not moving around yet. But he is moving onto his tummy from sitting up and does love to stand up holding onto someone's hands. He has discovered a love for mango (and still loves his banana and avocado!). I've tried to get him to drink water but he seems to think it's more fun to tip the water everywhere. He still wakes a lot during the night and is quite reliant on having a bottle to go back to sleep....we probably should try to stop this but I don't have it in me to let him cry! And since we're all so tired it's quickest and easiest to give him some milk and he goes back to sleep! 

He had his first visit to an aquarium when we were away on holidays and loved looking at all the fish (I've always thought an aquarium is much more fun at this age than the zoo).  

Well that's a quick wrap up of Beau at 10 months so I should get onto his 11 month post asap before he turns 1 (nooooo!!)!